Small Gear Reducer

R Type Helical Gear

Small Gear Reducer Can be selected the most suitable model to use which based on the assembly direction etc. applications.

R Type ModelMethod of assembly
Gear Motorby foot standby flange
With Brake Motorby foot standby flange
With Clutch Gear Motorby foot standby flange
T Type Reducer (With axle)by foot standby flange
D Type Reducer (Assembly based on the specified motor)by foot standby flange

Capacity : 0.1~3.7KW

Speed Ratio : 1/5~1/1800

Compact Design

The balance ability on each and every part of the gear reducer is vary good. For example : compact, small size, light ect., design.

Long Lift, Low Noise

The gear reducer interior is made of special steel material (SNCM21) which has been highly precisely processed and heat treated.

High Efficiency, Save Energy

The helical gear has high driving efficiency, the efficiency are :

92% at 1/5

89% at 1/200

75% at 1/1200

Maintenance and Assembly

All products have been lubricated with high class grease before delivery, therefore, free maintenance and be assembled according to standard assembly direction.

The Interior Axle Key Sizes

are of new JIS standard. (JIS B 1301)


The body and housing are made of Aluminum Alloy casting and model over 40 are made of cast iron.